UrbanCode Deploy

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments. UrbanCode Deploy is designed to facilitate steady, continuous delivery and rapid feedback in agile development while providing the approvals, versioning, and audit trails necessary in production.

UrbanCode Deploy provides:

  • Automated, consistent rollbacks and deployments of applications
  • Orchestration of changes across tiers, servers, and components
  • Security and configuration differences across environments
  • Clear visibility: who changed what and deployed to where
  • Integrated with provisions, middleware, and service virtualization Typical Uses
  • Continuous Delivery: Integrate within current builds and test tools that automatically deploy, test and promote new builds to production.
  • Production Deployments: Orchestrate complex production deployments of applications and configurations.
  • Self Service: Each team can be granted unique rights to ‘push to publish’ per different applications and environments.
  • Incremental Updates: Implement and deploy patch versions with incremental changes and components.

Key Features

Multi-Tier Application Models

Components are discrete pieces and parts of an application that may be independently versioned or updated, and modern applications are often made up of many components. UrbanCode Deploy tracks which components make up an application so they can be deployed and tracked together. As components independently change, keeping track of the correct version of multiple components can become error prone. Snapshots offer the ability to create a version of the application encapsulating versions of each of the components. With Snapshots, it is easy to ensure that components that were tested together are released together.

Easy Process Designer

UrbanCode Deploy uses a simple browser based drag and drop process designer that allows users to choose from hundreds of plug-in steps and link the steps from start to finish. The drag and drop editor is used for component processes, composed of automated steps delivered by integration plug-ins, and application processes, which specifies the order that multiple component processes will be put onto a deployment target. The designer was built to convert lengthy documents with manual steps into an orchestrated, automated process in minutes.

Track What is Where: Inventory

Any project may have multiple elements in an ever growing state of flux from testing to production. The new inventory system in UrbanCode Deploy tracks what is where within an environment or server and provides visibility into your applications, environments and configuration. This includes tracking environments over time, so you can see how and where each version changed to enable fast, reliable and efficient adaptations and deployments.

Scalable Distributed Automation

Whether you’re deploying a build to one system, or to thousands, UrbanCode Deploy was built to support mission-critical deployments to thousands of servers in numerous data centers. UrbanCode Deploy specializes in horizontal scalability with master server clustering that utilizes light-weight deployment agents, and remote agents capable of simplifying firewall and load management via agent relays.

Quality Gates and Approvals

Before an application goes from development to production, there may be several test and conditions that need to be met, and the occasional blessing from a particular team or stakeholder. With UrbanCode Deploy you can specify conditions that must be met before an application can be promoted to an environment, or approvals that must be obtained from particular users before deployment begins. This feature helps you ensure that only the right stuff goes out at the right time.

Integrations Replace Custom Scripting

Tested integrations are provided with dozens of tools to make the deployment process easier to design and less risky. Integrations are provided for application servers, load balancers, databases, testing tools, build servers and more. Utilities to manage configuration files, registry settings are also available. Teams with preexisting deployment scripts can continue to use them through UrbanCode Deploy either by directly calling the scripts, or embedding them in custom plugins.

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