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Kip Crawford
Wesley Pharmaceuticals
Ivyland, PA.
PharmaTrac, put us on track. It is very affordable, easy to use, and makes us 100% compliant with the DSCSA law. Recently, we had an inspector visit our facility. As part of the audit, we were asked to produce lot level trace data on a pharmaceutical product. Our employee was able to easily bring back the tracing data out of PharmaTrac, to satisfy the inspector’s request. As you can imagine, we were delighted.

There was no big commitment from our IT team to install a complex solution. We received PharmaTrac training, and our team uses it every day. PharmaTrac is a vital part of our business. PharmaTrac also manages our inventory, product database, customer database, and the customer support is prenominal, none better.


Guaranteed Lowest Price

  • EDI Manual, and Paper Support
  • Full DSCSA Support
  • Inventory Management Support
  • Mobile App (coming 2017)
  • QuickBooks Integration (Coming 2017)
  • Fully Secure
  • We Manage All Data Backups


DSCSA is the Drug Security Chain Compliance Act. The intent is broad, but for now the intent is to protect against counterfeit drugs, by way of lot number level tracing from manufacture to consumer/patient. The is being implement incrementally. Currently lot level tracing is required.
DSCSA is also mandating that manufactures send electronic records by the fall of 2017.

Therefore, you must be able to receive these electronic records. We provide full support to receive your electronic records.

We make your compliance easy.

Please contact us for a Demo or a quote, to build your DSCSA solution.


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